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Well I did get to ride for about an hour and 30 min yesterday. I am still in 
recoop mode. We took it at a walk.. but the best thing it was in the dark. 
we got lost and had to double back. Ansata had trail lead. She did wonderful 
since poor mom couldn't see worth a flip! I was able to keep my head down 
and let my helmet feel for the limbs and all. got a bit scratched from some 
briars...(ouch) At times I thought that I was literally going to puke from 
fear. I was having to completely trust the horse that I fell hard from. What 
shred of trust we had in built from November to January 15th was hardly 
visable since my accident. My friends were there giving some guidance as to 
where the trail was but we it got to dark on us so we double backed to get 
back to the trailer. I was letting Ansata find her way home and the darndest 
thing.. we had never been on this trail and I tried to turn her where I 
thought the trail was and It wasn't it was a dead end. She fought me that 
whole time.. I misstrusted her judgement there and ended up being wrong. So 
I just gave my faith to the higher being and trusted Ansata. Whom carried me 
back to the truck and trailer safely. Yep HELMET and all. we had two green 
horses there too. Ansata was the horse with the most time.. 9 years. It was 
truly an acomplishment for me and her. I thanked her over and over for 
getting me back safely.
And the most best part. All the stars were out twinkling, as if to beckon to 
me to trust in my horse and let her be my light. I have a few scratches on 
my left leg but no worries my back was killing me and my knee was not 
forgiving. But I feel like walking on air today.
Carla (sorry if I am tall right now I am walking on a bed of air!)
Ansata (trust me mom I know where that red trailer is parked)
Haley (still upset of her buddy leaving and I not going too!)
Rob (light yes. dark HELL NO!)
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