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Anyone coming to the 4/1 Shine and Shine Only Ride please email me a response 
to this email.  It seems that there is a lot of confusion about the ride 
camp.   It is not at Grant Ranch.  Only the 4/29 ride is at Grant Ranch.  The 
4/1 ride is at my ranch.  Instructions follow:


Follow directions to McKean Road.  If you are coming from Almaden Road, go 
past the Horseman's and turn left on Shillingsburg.  If you are coming from 
Bailey Avenue, it is the first main road after the big curve on McKean.  You 
will turn right onto Shillingsburg.  Base camp is less than 1/2 mile.  Cross 
the bridge, watch for San Vincente Road [but do not turn on San Vincente].  
On the right, immediately after San Vicente, and after the "Not A Through 
Street" sign, is the driveway to camp.  There is a white gate with a white 
horse head on it.  There will be signs and ribbons.  Don't pass the driveway. 
 It will be hard to turn around if you pass it.

The controlled start will be slightly longer but it will not be on McKean 
Road.  We will ride down San Vicente, which will have little or no traffic.

If I don't get an email, I will have to call everyone and that will be about 
80 people so far.  Also, let me know if you are riding the 25 or the 50.   
Thank you so much.....Maryben

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