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Re: RC: Re: Death Visits Ridecamp

Not that Howie(as the lady from Tahass) called him needs any one to cover his
rear, but this time, I'll tell that Howard is a loving father, and cares
about his horse.  The trouble is he is trying to bring along a Saddlebred that
is just a tad hot right now.  I don't think Howie ever intended to override
horse.  Having ridden Saddlebreds all my life, I will tell you that they
can at
times just eat themselves up on the trail.  I know Howie, and I know Angie. 
They don't hate each other.  As a matter of fact, I think they enjoy having at
each other.  So come on folks, give Howie a break.  One of  these days he will
give up on the Saddlebred and buy an Arab, just like the rest of us have
And once he does that, look out, because this guy is driven to be a good
endurance rider.  Jerry
>I am glad to see that most responses to Howard's story have observed the
>"people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" motto.
>The only public comment I want to make about Howard's experience and story
>is this.  For better or for worse, we've gotten to know Howard here on
>Ridecamp... perhaps better in some ways than most other regular
>contributors.  Howard ain't perfect, far from it, just like the rest of us.
>The difference seems to be that Howard is ready and willing to hang his
>imperfections and errors out there for all to see.  Unlike many others, he
>is prepared to publicly admit his mistakes and take responsibility for them.
>He has done this twice now that I can specifically recall, three times if
>you count the retraction of the statements about ride vets. This is a rare
>and, IMO, exceptional human characteristic.
>Whatever his many shortcomings, Howard is the kind of guy I'll ride the
>trail with any day.  And I think he's a far better trail partner today than
>he was before the disasterous ride with Dance.  The road to experience is
>pretty damn rocky with lots of big holes to fall into.  The even bigger
>downside is that our equine buddies pay the price for our failures in
>judgment and knowledge.  I know I learned a cheap lesson from Howard and
>Dance.  While I'd rather their experience had never happened, I am thankful
>Howard was willing to share it with us.  My horses thank him too.
>Thanks Howard.
>Kirsten, Splash and Soleil
>Kirsten Price
>James E. Rogers College of Law
>University of Arizona
>Tucson, AZ
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