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Re: simipathy or butt kick

Sorry, Lynda,
But I think your post here is way off base. You are certainly entitled to
your opinion but to be so exceptionally judgmental about the way Howard
chose to share with us his feelings and experiences is crass and unkind, not
to mention that it isn't your or anyone else's place to tell someone how to
tell of their experience. I think that many of us have lived the agony that
Howard describes to greater or lesser extent and in remembering the sadness
and powerlessness to help my horse I cannot imagine any telling of it that
would be an exaggeration. I haven't the power of words or the gift of story
telling that Howard has but in his telling of his story, he told mine as
well. And I really doubt that Howard was seeking sympathy. From getting to
know him on ride camp, he's just not that kind of guy. Hope you will try to
be a bit more forgiving when someone is in pain and tries to share with you.
Pat Super
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> Lynda Corry
> Re:  Your e-mail, "Simipathy [sic] or butt kick"
> I don't think you made the story up, Howard ... it sounds like you did
indeed over-ride your horse.  But it appears from the reader's point of view
that details were embellished in a manner designed to draw attention to
yourself, and not the plight of your horse.  A short but serious heartfelt
account of events would have earned you much more sympathy than a contrived
> Lynda Corry
> Houston, Texas
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> I thought I'd share this one with you. The title "Simipathy or butt kick"
is how I received this email...
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