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Re: losing trails in butte co

dear terry: I would suggest that if you have a interest in this project that
you take an active part in the political process, by attempting to read and
make written comments on the project instead of making accusations. This is
especially relevant if your statements are not based on your own personal
knowledge of the facts that are a part of this project. I do not believe
this form is the place to confront anyone for or against a project. If you
have a real interest you can review the files if the lead agency will
provide them in a timely manner and attend the April 4, 2000 meeting and you
will have the opportunity to question the people that make the decisions and
they will receive any written comments that you may have. If you don't agree
with the decisions that are made then you will have the opportunity to
challenge anything that you wish.  steven

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> terry hodd
> I would like to know what proof/information there is to support the fact
that multi-use trails cause the ousting of horses.  How does this trail
result in the loss of the Oroville Vista ride?  Seems there's a lot of
crying wolf but no facts presented.  terry
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