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Re: RC: Howard's story

In a message dated 3/24/00 9:28:54 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< What's the ratio of Arabs to other breeds competing in those rides - then 
 compare that ratio to the ratio of Arabs to other breeds on IVs.  Lif >>

Last stats I saw (several years ago) Arabs and part-Arabs constituted 70% of 
the entries.  I've kind of informally counted around here several times since 
then, and would have to say that more recently, in my area, it's more like 
80% or better.

Another aspect here is that some people seem to think that just because it's 
an Arab, it can just automatically run at the front of the pack.  Also, more 
folks on other breeds are content to ride just for completion, in my 
experience.  (They vet in, and tell you, hey, I'm on a QH, and I'm gonna ride 


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