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Re: Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #469

Not true around here. I defy you to without a survey to tell from the ground
the ownership among BLM, US Forest, State Forest, State Game Land, private
inholdings in any of the above, private timber property (most of which is
open to recreational use), and bordering private property and to know under
what circumstances the private property may have access agreements allowing
access to public property. There are much USFS property that is surrounded
by private property because of the way property was handed out in a checker
board pattern. In most states you have some obligation to post it if you
want to keep people out.

Duncan Fletcher

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> writes:
> << The best thing is to assume that it's privately owned. >>
> This is good advice.  You'd be surprised at the number of people, when
> confronted with trespassing without permission, will say "I didn't know
> was private property".  Well, duh!!!  What are the options? Either park
> property or private.  And it surely wasn't park, and they knew it.
> Barbara

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