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Howard's Story

Howard's story was very enlightening and thought provoking, thanks for 
sharing, Howard.  I have ridden Endurance for almost 2 years on a nonArab 
(thorobred) and it does change things, in my observation.  Maybe the other 
breeds are just a little more delicate or unsuitable or something, but I  
always get warnings at the 3rd vet check to watch my horse closely and be 
very careful... and I actually walked (in hand) some of the last loops every 
time.  Well.  Lucky me, especially after Howards post, I have made it back 
with no problems and my horse is always a light eater and drinks sparingly.  
I've even been counselled by top vets to do 50s so my horse will learn to eat 
and drink during the race.  At the last race, I raced the first 2  loops like 
I was a contender, not because I thought I was,but to see if starting out 
front would make him fight me less.  It did, but we finished 22nd.  And he 
was pooped. Pooped but we passed the final with As and Bs!!   
 All things considered,  I'm not sure you can ever be 100% sure that 
everything is fine,  you can just go on gut instinct.  I guess this is a 
place for micro-management.  At least thats all I can figure. Anyone got any 
thoughts on that, I'd love to hear them.  
Paula and Cosmo the Arab poser
and Rocketship the Realdeal Arab (let ME go to a ride, mom, I'll show 'em how 
its done)

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