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Place to board near Englewood CO???

Denise Jenkins
Hi Everyone, have a golden opportunity to get my horse out to Denver area in mid April.  I need to find a boarding facility with places to condition for endurance, I have no truck or trailer so this is a "have to" situation:)  No use havin him if I can't ride him:)  If anyone has or knows of a good place on the Englewood side of Denver, please contact me as soon as you can:)  I rented what I could afford out here, and it was in Englewood.  I'm not familiar with the outlying areas or whether or not there are any horse boarding places or ranches in that area even but I suspect there are and this is one way to find out.  I will be looking in the paper also and any other resources I can find:)  Thanks to all, Denise:)

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