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Re:knowing when to pull

Hi, Campers,

Although our motto is "to finish is to win", sometimes winning...even 
finishing..isn't worth the price.

SInce we've all shared in Howard's pain and his lessons, how about we adopt a 
nice, nifty phrase..."If in doubt, pull him out".  

I have never ever heard someone chastise someone else for pulling their 
horse. I think if I did I would make a big noisy stink (and I'm known for my 
parade ground projection) about the person who did the slamming, not the 
pulling. Don't ever tell me I'm wrong for pulling my horse!! Each person has 
to have develop the "eye of the master". What is too much for my horse may 
not be even breathing hard for yours, so we all must learn to listen to our 
horses when they are telling us something. 

I'm glad Dance Line made it, Howard.

Although we say, "To finish is to win", sometimes winning...or 
finishing...isn't worth the price. 

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