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Re: Fwd: RC: Warning Additional Trail Closure

We have a trail in our area that has both a paved strip use by pedestrians,
bicyclists and roller bladers and a parallel unpaved portion for horses (see Paved bridges
are shared by everyone. Since paving is an expensive proposition, I have to
assume this is a heavily used area. This combination has been successful
although it certainly would not be suitable for an endurance contest. Paved
portion is, I believe, 10 or 12 feet and unpaved perhaps 6 feet. Don't know
how much room is available for trail, and whether there could be sufficient
separtation to be able to continue endurance contests. Always look for
workable compromise if that is possible. Good luck.

Duncan Fletcher

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Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 9:14 AM
Subject: RC: Fwd: RC: Warning Additional Trail Closure

> Connie - here is a perfect example of the need for a trails committee in
> AERC.  Here this Laurie Anderson is up there presumably all by herself
> asking us to all stand together.  We are fighting in other areas and we
> all fragmented. This is an issue that should be in front of AERC trails
> committee with a representative showing up at their meetings. Certainly
> letters should be written. What do you think?
> >
> >Laurie Anderson
> >Notice to all trail riders in Butte County. We are fighting the proposed
> >paving of multi-use trails.  THIS ALWAYS RESULTS IN CLOSURE TO HORSES
> >AFTER RESULTANT INJURIES.  We are fighting this. Time is of the essence!
> >We will lose our endurance ride (Lake Oroville Vista)etc, etc.
> >Please if you have had injuries or bad experince with horses and pavement
> >and/or bicycles send story immediately. Also a letter opposing this
> >desperately needed. We will prepare a collage of letters/email to post
> >when we are done. You may need these for your own area in the furture.
> >This is happening everywhere. We are not against multi-use trails, just
> >the paving of them.
> >

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