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RE: Howard's big picture

Even tho' it may be full of fluff, a religious experience, or
self-flagellation, I think Howard's story was very entertaining.  Sure, I
think there was a lot of embellishment in the story (read b___ s___) but it
had me laughing, crying, and waiting for the conclusion.  Got a few people
talking, didn't it?  That in itself is entertainment.  Howard - keep it up!

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T O wrote:

> What about the big picture for Howard?  Howard, I
> would have e-mailed you privately but deleted your
> address.  Are we all missing the most wonderful point?
>  This man went from atheist for believing in God
> (Howard, don't starting doubting this incident, ever).
>  I would bet my bottom dollar that Howard was part of
> a big picture we will never know and that his horse
> was a vehicle for that.  We all love our animals, but
> God almighty and his son Jesus should be our first
> love.  That's when life gets good. All of my partying
> and drug days could never match up to the life
> experiences I have been having for the last few years.
>  Howard, you are in the right lane, don't deviate, and
> you will be happy beyond compare.  I'm so happy for
> you and for Dance Line for helping open your eyes.
> Sorry guys, please don't slam me.  Just had to say it.
> I'm sure I've crossed the ridecamp line but I will
> take my consequences. Terri

And Tom's post:

Maryben is correct, of course. Sanctimonious posturing, self-righteous
indignation, and self-flaggellation are all man-made spiritual defects
as self-respecting human beings, we must seek to avoid. Instead, we must
the truth. We must seek clarity. We must seek simple honesty. And the
truth here is that a horse possessed by a human is a beast of burden.
Burdened by the desires and aspirations of its master; and its master,
clearly, is not God.

The most we can ask of a human playing God is to use his or her

brainpower as best he or she can to protect his living possession. The
substantive discussions that occur on Ridecamp take us all in this
Unfortunately, this particular exchange, starting with Howard's article
itself, is all fluff and nonsense.


OK, I ask now about truth and facts.... GOD!!!  Where is the proof?
are the facts?  IMO, there are NONE, therefore atheism or love of GOD
NOT ONE thing to do with what happened to Howard and Dance Line or many
others out there.

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