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Alabaster angels incarnate on this planet
visions of eternity, as close as I have met.
Your gentle eyes and soft expression
foreshadow the joys oft' told of heaven.

Ancient man envisioned you with wings
an honor not bestowed on very many things.
If a winged human's an angel, could a winged horse be less?
Of all God's creatures, surely you are most blessed.

Pure, kind, soft and beautiful,
loving, trusting, patient and dutiful.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.  
He's worked through you, throughout my days.
Years of grooming and cleaning and feeding
have gentled my spirit, brought what I was needing.

My childish heart did love you best
and gradually learned to encompass the rest.
Alabaster angels, messengers of love
bringing the joys of heaven down from above.

by:  Paula Stone Gilbert (printed in AHW, this month)

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