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alligators and saddle pads

Back from a wonderful trip to south Florida. Incredible
wildlife in the Everglades - we did all the trails and sights
and took a daylong canoe trip through the mangroves and
sawgrass - alligators galore. My son and his friend caught
a 6 ft albino python at the edge of one of the canals. Must
have been a released or escaped pet. Very friendly. His 
name is Fred. I guess we have a new pet. Great fun. Also explored
the Keys - fishing, snorkeling, low-tide exploring. Snorkeled
off of Biscayne NP. Too cool. I'm now thoroughly spoiled
and will surely whine incessantly during the coming years
and the 'real' winters. 

Frank - you asked me to let you know when/if I found a
pad that worked for me. I finally settled on the Supracor
pad - it's a plastic honeycomb substance - lots of air flow,
good cushioning. Wool felt on bottom, tough cordura type
fabric on top. It's very pricey, but seems to be perfect.
Cooler, stays put well, and it's a nice green :)  I also have
the No-Sweat vent pad - I haven't tried it yet, but it's
not exactly what I was looking for for Khruschev. Looks
like it will do the job re cooling though. Will let you know
once I try it on another horse.

Howard- that was a very moving story. Your candor is
amazing. Glad it ended well. Hard lesson to learn.


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    Would you please post to RC if (when) you do find a good fleece pad?
    Heat buildup in my horse is a great concern to me...thanks in advance!
Frank Solano

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