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Death Visits Ridecamp, conclusion

I am so thankful that Dance Line is alive and recovering. I have nursed
horses through colic, pulled them at rides, and have had the joy of
sponsoring two granddaughters at rides. One thing I have learned is that
the good Lord does answer prayers, and he heard yours, and my
granddaughters' prayers that night. They were praying for your horse
from the time they knew he was sick. They asked me to pray and the three
of us prayed together at our camp.
I am familiar with Death. I lost a horse to lightning a few years ago.
She was my first endurance horse. I lost my son and grandson to a car
wreck in 1997. Through all of that I have learned to lean on the Lord.
 I make you an offer. If we are at rides together, I will be happy to
sponsor your Jen on a careful 50. Christi, who rode to Greenway with
Susan and Nina, has completed more than 700 endurance miles, mostly
50's, so I have the experience. Amanda has done the Greenway Gallop 25.
She's not as avid the horse person that Christi is. It is a joy to ride
with a junior.
I have enjoyed your endurance writings, while lurking on ridecamp. I am
glad things turned out well, at least better than they could have, for
you and Dance Line.
Lucie Hancock, grandmother and "unofficial chaplain" for many SE
endurance rides. (A transplanted Southerner from the Southwest.)

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