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Re: Re: Re: Horseshoes???

This is true but too often he is the "first" one to be blamed because a lot
of people think lameness issues come mainly (or even only) from the hoof. 
Ridecampers know better but backyard horse people do not.  Sometimes people
expect their farriers to perform that perhaps why some are
so egotistical?  :)

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

> From: diane knapper <>
> To: Sandy Bolinger <>
> Cc: ride <>
> Subject: RC:   Re: Re: Horseshoes???
> Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 7:19 PM
> Of course logical people can't blame the farrier if the
> horse goes lame.  However, one can blame the farrier when a
> horse who has never winged starts -- and it isn't a mild
> case.  Then the lay person (horse owner) picks up the feet
> and can tell with her uneducated eye that outside heel on
> each front foot is higher than the inside heel.  Have heels
> even out and never had the problem again.  Sometimes the
> farrier is to blame.
> Diane
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