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Re: Re: Gas or Oil out, What is the problem????

I  recently read that every year the government makes us more and more
dependent on foreign oil rather than our own naturall resources.   Something
about being 68 percent dependent now, vs 40 something a few years ago.
I rolled my eyes when I listened to our president going on about negotiating
with foreign leaders to end this high price of oil.  Yeah, right.  THEY are
our friends...sure.  How about lowering our FEDERAL TAX on the stuff, Mr.
Bright Idea?
><< Help save an
> endangered
> species, the oil field workers!!!!!! >>
>I sympathathize with your position, Lynette.  However, I doubt that the
>in gas prices will help the oil field workers, either.  The problem is at a
>governmental level, where the oil field workers have been literally
>legislated out of jobs.  I know of many wells that have been capped because
>they didn't "pay" at $5 a barrel, but the bureaucratic red tape keeps them
>from being restarted (or whatever the correct terminology is for oil wells)
>even though they would be quite profitable with oil now 6 times that price.
>We could provide a lot more good jobs for a lot more oil field workers in
>this country (and possibly actually help LOWER the price of gas at the same
>time) if our dear government would let folks do it.  I just hope I don't
>anyone griping about exploration and development of our own oil resources
>one hand and complaining about the price of gas on the other....
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