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Re: RC: real gas out issue


We do make a difference, if we work together.....

--- Kimberly <> wrote:
> Hey friends! Thought I would send this out ! :-)  
> The gas out is just
> something pretty silly if you think about it. By not
> buying gas for
> three days, we think it will make a big enough
> difference? Then everyone
> ends up rushing to the stations to fill up the night
> before and the day
> after, we're really not doing much good.
>    The fact is, that last years gas out was a bust.
> Sure there was
> people that stayed away from the gas station last
> year on the date
> planned, but it wasn't enough to make any impact but
> make us look
> foolish. I don't know if you guys remembered not to
> fill up but when the
> day came last year it completely slimmed my mind
> *LOL And I'm sure alot
> more people did the same. We want to make a
> difference, sure. And this
> sudden increase in gas prices is completely
> ridicules!! $2.00 for
> gas!!!! give me a break, you know. I don't know
> about you but I sure CAN
> NOT afford this.
>     But I don't know that we could make a big enough
> impact to make them
> lower the prices. That's the sad truth.
>     Although, I  do think fighting like this is the
> right thing to do.
> If we can show them that we are at least trying ot
> make a difference and
> that we are sick of this, they might figure
> something out. But we'd have
> to do an offal lot to do that.
> Just my thought :)~~
> Warmly,
> Kim
> AA Fantasy Farms
> Placerville,CA
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