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Sports Saddle creeping forward

Barb Peck
Barb Peck	

The Sports Saddle is manufactured with the rigging
in about the 3/4 position.

If the horses conformation (rib spring) is such
that 3/4 position is too far back, the movement
of the horse, will cause the girth to creep foward
until it reaches the horses natural girth groove, thus
moving the saddle forward.

Use of a crupper for this situation is really not
fixing the root cause of the problem.
In this case, the saddle should be re-rigged in the proper

The correct position can be determined, by saddleing the horse, and
letting the rigging hang straight down.  The correct rigging
position is when the cinch strap lays right along the horses
natural girth groove.



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