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Re: Valerian Root

Hi: You may wish to use Bee Pollen start with a few teaspoons at first and
increase by half a teaspoon a day for about a week or two. The critter
should show a difference in that time also great P&R's. Try Springfield
feeds for the good non powered Bee Pollen. Also good for people Angie, TI
and Howard may want to give it a try. From that Ole' treehugger. steven

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From: "Laura Nielsen" <>
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Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2000 5:44 PM
Subject: RC: Valerian Root

> Has anyone successfully used Valerian Root Powder to reduce anxiety in
> their horse?  What dosage was used?  How long before hauling/riding was
> the herb administered?
> Thanks,
> Laura, N. Fla.
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