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Trailer lights HELP!

O.K. I'll admit it.  I apparently drove off after unhooking the trailer
with my lights still plugged in. (Don't ask me how, since I can't open
the tailgate with them plugged up, and have to have the tailgate down to
get out from under the gooseneck :-P  )

Anyway, got Bill to re-wire the plug and everything checked out fine. 
Just hauled down my steep driveway and suddenly my truck's brakelights
are stuck "ON".  We've had no trouble with the truck lights until now. 
The light on the brakebox is stuck on also.  We've pulled all the fuses,
everything looks right.  

I got my tail out of bed in time to do a good ride and only get to the
baby shower a *little* late >eg< and now time's a wasting!!!  Please, if
you have any ideas what to try next (the horse is brushed... yes, he was
muddy) the saddle loaded, it's a gorgeous day and I'm getting ready to
ruin family relations by not coming back in time for the stupid shower if
we don't fix this fast!  Please reply to my personal address if you have
an idea, since it's faster.  I get the digest and by the time I have to
scan past 200 lines of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>below every one line reply I do
believe I miss 90% of the meaningful stuff that's on here these days.


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