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Re: a simple solution

I have had to try to help a friend with her horse who went completely blind. 
We looked for homes for it. I called University of Tennessee, they said they 
would fully examine the horse and then put it down and use the horse for 
medical science. Study the entire horse. use the horse as they would use a 
human a cadaver so to speak. Fortunately they were able to take the horse 
with them and the horse lives in a happy retirement with his buddies!
I have insurance on my horses and I will have to have autopsies done if 
something happens to them. I have had one creamated before that was 
expensive but She served me well and I wanted her home. She is near the 
family dog. wrapped in her show blanket. =`o( but she is home.
before the person goes to drastic measures I would look around and have the 
guy checked for problem chemically. Sounds absurd but they are almost human 
too. maybe a chemical imbalance may be rare but is it not possible?
>Subject: Re: a simple solution
>Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 01:20:24 EST
>In a message dated 3/16/00 9:53:46 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
><< Heidi - does this mean that a veterinary research institute would  have 
>  horse transported live for slaughter rather than be humanely euthanized
>  first? >>
>Depends on whether funding runs out, and on the institution.  Also, there 
>not anywhere near the need for "generic" research horses that some might
>think--it is worth asking, but don't be surprised if they say they don't 
>your horse.

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