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Mental Notes, or ....

Mental Notes, or ...
                                     Things I always knew but forgot
because of advancing age (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

1)  After a three month lay off a spunky horse is not going to be lazy
and laid back.

2)  After a three month lay off your body is not prepared to sit on a
prancing horse for 45 minutes let alone 3 hours.

3)  After a three month lay off those long fingernails you've always
wanted must be trimmed back or risk snapping them off half way down to
the cuticle.

4)  After a three month lay off your friends know perfectly well that the
reason you don't want to go on a long ride isn't because your horse is
fat and out of shape but because your legs are useless, your arms are
like limp noodles and your ass hurts, so quit putting the blame on the

5)  After a three month lay off your saddle weighs the same amount it
always weighed.  It did not mysteriously gain ten pounds.  Your butt,
however, did.

and finally ...

6)  Never ever EVER tell your husband you're saddle sore unless you're
prepared to be the brunt of every joke, poke, prod, jostle, bump and
grind known to mankind.


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