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Re: Irving McNaughton's Excellant Southern Trip

Posting for Irving's fans in the seems they would like to share him
with there friends in the South!

Irving's Excellent Southern Trip

A good friend of the North East riders is coming South for some rides during
Maine's mud season. Irving McNaughton is a surveyor and a logger, has thousands
of endurance miles and many thousands of competitive miles. Being a heavy weight
over the age of 50, he doesn't always win (though he has!), but he is a
consistent finisher. VT 100 several times, ROC, Florida rides, etc. About the
only time he hasn't finished lately is when he went straight at the top of
Sherman Gap (OD territory!) into No Mans land, leading an unsuspecting junior
rider. But that's another story. Ask Claude and Jesse!

Irving will be at Leatherwood, NC, for April 1, Million Pines, City Slickers in
TN, then R & R in North Carolina for a couple weeks and the Biltmore last. Many
of you may know him, but the rest of you please look him up. He will have some
good stories and maybe some good advice. He's a lot of fun, so please take care
of him so we can have him back.


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