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sale barns

My parents do the blood work for coggins for most of the vets in this area 
and they have had several positive coggins come through and most of those 
were just bought from the sale barns. Well, needless to say these horses will 
usually be sold for slaughter so the new owners can recoup some of the money 
they just spent. In Texas horses must have a negative coggins test when they 
travel ANYWHERE ... except when being transported to the vet or a sale barn. 

Anyway guys.... I am off to a ride down near San Antonio. And I am looking 
forward to Howard's story from his first 50! I wonder how many sun bathers 
he'll find in the woods this time. Maybe he'll find a leprechaun or two.... 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Maria (from Irish bloodlines), Texas
55 life time miles :)

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