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FW: Horse pasture in Arizona?

Kerry, a friend and fellow endurance rider, Heidi Vanderbilt, owns Lucky Pup Ranch, a 140 acre ranch in Benson and boards horses and I think is just what you're looking for, plus it's very reasonable.  She has large 40 acre pastures  with hills and grass(when we get rain). The property has lots of mesquite and grass so plenty of shade opportunity. She also has some pens of various sizes. The water is at the top and the feed is at the bottom so they get good self exercise.   The horses are all well cared for.

She is out of town at the moment and will be back on line next Wednesday so you could e-mail her also at:   Her phone is 520-586-7903. 

The ranch is about 30 miles south of Tucson about 10 minutes off I-10 at Mescal/J-Six exit before you get to Benson.

Bernita Barfield
Southwind Arabians
Sierra Vista, AZ


From:  Kerry Dykes[]
Sent:  Thursday, March 16, 2000 1:03 PM
Subject:  RC:  Horse pasture in Arizona?

Sorry if this is a repeat, sent it a couple of hours ago and didn't see it
show up......

I'm looking for a long-term layoff (1year or more) for a really nice
dispositioned 4 year old arab gelding that has a leg injury (no medical care
required, just layoff).  Any fellow Arizonans out there know of a place (or
private situation) specializing in layups or retirements, that doesn't cost
an arm and a leg?  I'd prefer a situation where he can be turned out 24/7 on
pasture rather than feeding hay year around (yes, it does exist in AZ) with
a shade or run-in, where he can just be a horse for a while.  Any ideas?


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