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Trimming survey Was: re:bridle paths

This thread has me thinking.  What all do you guys trim/clip?  I trim
a small (about 4 inch) bridle path - just enough for the browband and
halter to lay flat.  But, then again, Zane has an eternal mowhawk
since his mane grows out so ratty.  I also trim the jawline, but I
leave all his whiskers and eyebrows and so forth.  I trim fetlocks
(for scratches prevention), but not the coronary band.  I also trim
the outside of his ears (fold ears together and run clippers from top
to bottom in one swoop) but not the inside.  I bang his tail just a
bit above the fetlock.  (All his mane hair went to his rear-end. :)

     Just wondering what the general MO was for endurance riders.  The
     trail riders at my barn trim everything.

     Kenzie & Zane
     Birmingham, AL

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