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Have a friend who has recently moved back to St Louis, MO, she has been developing a endurance prospect for the last couple of years here in Montana.  This is a nice mare and needs to keep going.  The Problem (no don't want or need to sell the mare)  what she needs is endurance riders in MO who are interested in helping her get into the system there.  She has a new Sundowner GN trailer with living quarters, but her truck is still in Montana.  Needs contacts with truck and use her trailer or "rides" for her and her mare to rides until May or so when she should have her truck out there.  She has been riding in high plains and mountains, I think you may have a different climate and need to ride a little differently, she need assistance to get going.  You can reply to Linda Beck and Magic at 314.469.5518 or e-mail at
Thanks for your help, I know she will appreciate it.
Maureen Jewell,
Government Marketing Assistance Group (GMAG)
Big Sky EDA
222 North 32nd ST
Billings, MT 59101-1911
VOICE: 406-256-6871, FAX: 406-256-6877
Billings, MT 59101-1931

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