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RE: Re: Fw: Re: Tree-hugger

You all have to realize that the smell is not of manure from an animal (or
human) it is the smell of MONEY. Consider the cost if the same constituents
were manufactured!

Just like the old fish processing plants (ever smelled the one at Moss
Landing in CA.) You did not smell fish you smelled money!

Ever smell an oil refinery? That was not oil you smelled but the smell of

So, that manure spreader is just spreading out money but you all complain
because you just do not know how to harvest it for your own use.

Stop bitching and start riding.

Bob Morris

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<< Try living near the ones who load and spray their liquid manure on the
 fields... better yet try riding your horse by one.  My horse can't get past
 it fast enough for either of us!!  Blech! >>

Oh I can't let this pass!  Duane and I were on our way to Old Dominion last
year, and past a truck doing just that.  I all of a sudden smelled this
really foul odor.  I mentioned it to Duane and he said that they mix cow,
chicken and pig crap together and spray it on their fields.  Then he says
"that smells like cow".  I told him it was good to be with a man who knows
his sh-t!  BTW if no one sees me for a day or so, he has probably killed me!

Nina and Goat (hey tomorrow is my birthday, what do you mean we are going to
do a 50/50?  some present)

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