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Re: bridle path

actually...the easiest thing to do is to roach the entire mane off LOL's
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Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 8:00 AM
Subject: RC: bridle path

> While we are on the subject of hair, I have a question
> about bridle paths.  Since I am just now learning the
> Arab ways and politically correct miscellanous ways
> associated with Arabs, I have a question.  Do you all
> trim bridle paths on Arabs?  I have a gut feeling the
> answer is no.  Always did on the OTHER trails horses
> that we have, but seems to me like when I see an
> Arabian he/she is al la naturalle.  I just know that
> when I put her bridle on she gets disgusted with me
> when I get her long hair tangled up in it and it seems
> like a bridle path is the answer, HOWEVER, I don't
> want her to be some geek or freak o'nature out there
> on the trail because my girl is the only Arab with a
> bridle path.  So, I want the truth here, spare me my
> (her) feelings.  LOL  Thanks!
> Terri & Starlit
> Trinity Oaks Farm
> Home of many gaited horses and mommy's Princess -
> Starlit
> (I love to see my husband, Mr. Cowboy, gag when I call
> her my Princess)
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