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RE: horse slaughter

I don't think that the person who wrote so matter-of-factly about the
practical and financial advantages of sending a horse to slaughter was much
concerned with closure.


> << I feel sorry for your horses. >>
> okay, you don't need to go feeling sorry for anyones horses.  You
> can deal
> with your horses the way you feel necessary and other people will
> deal with
> it the way they feel is necessary.  It all depends on what your
> options are.
> If people want to cremate their horses, that should be fine...if
> you want to
> bury the horse, that's fine too...and if you want to have it sold
> for meat,
> that should be fine as well!  The reason there are many options
> is because
> there isn't one "right way"!!!!!!!!  In the end, it really comes
> down to what
> gives the owner a sense of closure.
> -Renee

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