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Spring has sprung

  Just sir spring is in the air, nice breezy sunny days here in North 
Carolina, just nippy enough for a jacket and a T-shirt, and Goat has kicked 
the first cyclist of the season!  
  We went to a little lake/park to do a light workout today.  Biker, hikers 
and horses all use this.  Well, this idiot ran up on Goat's back side without 
a warning, first Goat bolted sideways and then kicked out and connected with 
the guys bike, I didn't see it because in the mean time he was bolting (and 
or getting ready to aim again).  The guy crashed to the ground and 
immediately started asking if I was okay.  I guess he did realize the error 
of his way.  I got Goat to chill, and saw the heap that was his bike.  The 
handle bar was bent back, not sure if it was that or the sissy bar Goat 
nailed.  We said sorry, but we/he didn't hear you when you came up and you 
scared him and he had to protect himself.  We got back to the trailer to a 
note about sorry about the accident and there is the matter of the bike 
repair and the guys number.  I told Duane to call him in the morning and tell 
him thanks for his number, when we get the horse checked out/x-rays and all, 
we will send him the bill since he ran into us.  
  Aah well, remember guys, some people don't think.  Everyone else we saw 
would slow down and ask permission to pass, no problems.  Even after the bike 
  Onto Greenway Gallop this weekend.  See some of you there.

Nina and Goat (Get off my a$-)

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