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Types of oil

Indeed the short chain fatty acids in the various
edible oils differ somewhat, especially when it comes
to the Omega 6 versus Omega 3 fatty acids. the 3's go through
inflammatory pathways, the 6's don't (or something  like that-I'm a little
rusty as to the details). Popular press has the 6's as the "good guys" 
and the 3's as baddies. Fish oil is highest in 6, lard is
lowest. Corn oil is slightly higher than soy and I believe
canola was lowest. However-we have no evidence that, in the 
quantities even the fat fanatics are feeding to horses, that
this makes any difference at all. Most of the studies on the
effects of the different fatty acids were done using amounts 
MUCH higher than we would even consider giving to horses!
I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm still waiting for
a good study to see if they do affect horses...

Sarah and Fling (Omega what?)

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