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Re: RC: Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

In a message dated 3/14/00 6:49:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Well, I can (and have had to) afford euthanasia but I doubt I could afford's bad enough for a dog!  I can't imagine what it would cost
 for a horse.  We have had to hire a hole dug to bury a horse.  I'm not
 aware of any laws in our area that prohibit that.  It's a lot better than
 some of the dairy farmers who drag dead cows and calves out to wherever
 their "dead bovines spot" is and let the scavengers have at them.   >>

And Maggie, as I've mentioned previously, if you HAVE had the horse 
euthanized, you NEED to dispose of it in some manner other than leaving it to 
the scavengers unless you want to endanger the lives of birds.  Burial, 
cremation, rendering plant, whatever--but if you leave the horse out, you are 
trading the suffering of one species for the suffering of another.


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