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Re: RC: Tree-hugger

In a message dated 3/14/00 11:18:39 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Tree Huggers International, once known as The Whole Mosquito Foundation, 
is a 
 division of the powerful WTH (Women with Time on their Hands) lobbying 
 organization. There are other branches as well, but all are deidicated to 
 principle of abolishing logic and accountability in everyday life--an 
 admirable goal that has nearly been reached in the highest echelons of state 
 and federal legislature.    >>

Golly, Tom makes sense here!  One of the most confounding things to me is how 
ranchers, loggers, etc. who have worked hard for generations to maintain good 
range, forest, etc. conditions so that there can be a "sustained yield" of 
natural resources forever and who care a great deal about being able to pass 
their forests and ranges on to their children in better shape than they found 
them have been labeled as ogres and grinches by these far-out bleeding 
hearts, and as people that would sacrifice their long-term welfare for the 
immediate dollar.  Sounds like Lif and a few others really aren't quite the 
sorts that are generally referred to as tree-huggers--they at least feel that 
they should have access to public lands to ride, etc.  The true tree huggers 
are those who are pushing for a "lock-down" of all resources--public AND 
private--and that extreme is just as abusive to the resource as is the 
extreme of immediate utilization for instant gratification.


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