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My first horse was slaughter

I got my first horse at 10 or 12, we had a wonderful 6 years together, she was
and still is the
best horse that ever lived.   Her life before me as not very good at all, she
had extra long
pasterns, Nivicular, and ring bone, in her front legs. Then one day she somehow
got a twig/stick
in her hock, it punctured her hock.

We did every thing for her, but she was putting all he weight on her front legs
and her other
leg problems were making her front legs worse, she was all swollen.  My options
were to
One, suspended her from the ceiling in a sling or two put her down.  The vet
said she would
never recover from this and she'd always be in pain, she was 21 years old and so
was I.

The best thing to do was to put her down for her own sake.  The problem was it
was winter in
New England, you could not dig a grave in this frozen ground that was covered w/
feet and feet
of snow.  The small farm where I kept her, called every farm in our area,
farms dig holes before winter for their cows that die, but all the holes were
taken.  I know
the farm tried everything for me that they could.

I was not there, but a guy in a trailer came and took her away.  I was told I
did not want to
know where she was going.  but I knew.

It still hurts to this day.  I hope no one ever has to send their horse to
something like that.

I know of somone who kept their dead horse in their yeard covered up, until the
thawed, but this was not my yard and I had no choice.


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