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Re: RC: Re: Tree-hugger

But Howard, I'm not like most all of those points of definition you cite - yet I still consider myself a tree hugger.  Do all people who care about other things than people have to be so stereotypically the same? 

1)  I don't have kids and I do prefer most critters to people.  Critters generally have better manners, don't figure that life owes them everything, and often smell better than people.
2)  I do eat meat  (but eeewww, not sheep) & I like my beef rare, thank you very much
3)  Don't hunt but would if I needed to
4)  Don't eat soyburgers but do eat tofu sometimes and I like the stuff.  But then I like most all food. 
5)  Of course I don't want to see trees killed by tie lines when it's so easy to avoid damaging the trees with other methods of keeping horses confined/restrained
6)  I do get upset when I see man made (read Forestry Dept.) forest fires, but that's because they do the burning here in the fall - which makes no sense to me.  If they want to burn out the brush for wildfire control purposes, why not wait till spring (like the plains tribes used to do) just before the green grass comes in.  Nooooo - they burn here in the fall so there's no forage at all for the game animals over winter.  Go figure.
7)  I love to hike & finds that cattle path ruts are way easier to walk over than cross country.  Hard to tell sometimes a cow print from a horse hoof print from an elk print, but they all use the same paths.  Never have come across a beer can tossed aside on any trail that didn't also have either human foot prints or ATV tracks.  Hmmm.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.
8)  Got me with the beer.  I don't like American beers - too many additives that not only aren't good for you but - and get this - the stuff tastes like pisswater with a bad aftertaste.  Now Japanese beer....  Mexican beer..... that's another story.

So I say it still - I'm a tree hugger.  I'd prefer more trees over more people.  And more spotted owls too.  Seems to me there's plenty enough people on this planet.  Maybe people who don't like tree huggers could kind of clue me in as to what I'm missing by thinking that a few less people might actually be an improvement.

I'd come up with two more, but these people bore me.  Stay away from then
whenever possible.  The bottom line is they prefer that tree over there to
your horse.  And they don't own one and think riders are rude.  Hard core
"save the Owls" type.

Some tree huggers own & love horses, don't think riders are rude, and don't see what the big deal is with the idea that progress shouldn't have to mean trashing the world. Heck, I like my computer, I like my car, I like the benefits of civilization, I just like the other options, too - you know, the open spaces, the forests, the wildlife, the clean water, the good smelling air.  Hmmm - I thought all endurance riders liked that stuff.  But wait!  I thought endurance riders are supposed to be against tree huggers.  Gee - I'm confused.

It's not really all that simple, is it.  Lif

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