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Re: RC: I Confess> Tree-hugger

In a message dated 3/14/00 10:17:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< O.K. I confess: I am a person that cares about my fellow humans, critters
 and the eco-systems we all live in. I believe that we/I have to change the
 way certain govt's operate, including certain people that care only for the
 buck or what they can personally use in their lifetime and the heck with the
 rest of our world. Yes this includes the tree's. I do take an active part in
 the process.>

Interesting that most tree huggers apostrophize the plural.

> This probably classifies me as a tree-hugger and a caring person and I am
 proud of it.>

Everyone needs something to be proud of. Selfrighteousness is fairly low in 
the hierarchy of Life Goals, though. I'd start aiming toward an actual 
tangible accomplishment in the near future. Otherwise, those analyst bills 
are going to  overwhelm the credit card.


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