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New to the list

  Hello !!
   My name is Kimberly, you can call me Kim :)  And I am new to this
list! A friend who is a member of this group, (Hey App!) sent me a copy
of one of the digests to read and I really enjoyed reading everyone's
comments.So I thought, What the hay ;-)
   I'll tell you a bit about myself. I live in the foothills of Northern
CA where we have 32 acres of beautiful land and two horses to enjoy it.
*L*  I own a 3 year old 3/4 Arabian 1/4 Saddlebred Gelding named RA
Second Chance. He is going to be my endurance project if I can just get
him well on the road *L* We had our very first round pen "Riding"
Session today and I am very proud to say he did wonderful!! And my butt
stayed clean!! (  meaning no dumping me *LOL)
  He is so intelligent, I am excited to see what he becomes. But I
REALLY  think he has what it takes to be an Endurance horse. He has the
Guts to do anything, he loves to Go, he's very smart, He's build very
nice with sturdy legs, and well I don't think that horse ever gets tired
*LOL  We'll see! But I really should get some endurance experience under
me before I try him out. I have never done a run before, but I am eager
to learn more so I can gain experience I need! I guess that's why I   am
here :)
   Anyhow, I also own a 8 year old Egyptian Arabian Mare named Egypts
Maalie.  I just got her a few weeks ago and she will be my second
project horse as she is not broke yet. But she's built for a nice trail
horse, she's probably not going to cut it in any endurance. I hope to
show her in some halter and maybe do Western Pleasure and basic trail
with her.We'll see how she does also.
   Anyhow, I hope I didn't yack all your ears out with my life story!
Nice to meet you all!!
 AKA: Arab

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