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Re: Re: Re: It's an Arabian question

If one poops, each one will poop at the same
> time or one after the other.  Sheesh!!
    I know this is off the track--but it makes me think of an incident years
ago---I was just getting into Arabians and had the opportunity to visit with
Milton and Virginia Thompson in Missouri  (I was so ignorant, I had no idea
"who" they were in the Arab Horse World per se)----Virgina, being quite the
lady and hostess, showed us her horses---they were pastured in a large area
with an old dirt-floored chicken broiler hatchery building for their
shelter.   As Virginia called to them, they all came up, made a circle about
her, and EVERYBODY urinated --some only a tablespoon or so---but everyone
produced some urine.   I was rather mystified by this--she explained that
she had trained them to do this --before they went into the shed--to try to
keep the dirt floor dry.   Everyone was rewarded with a piece of carrot.
How on earth did she manage to teach this?   Anybody had any such
experience?   I still just shake my head and smile when I think of it.
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