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Natural balance shoes

okay here is the scenario...
I am off my feet... er knee for sometime. I will know more Friday about the 
results of my MRI... okay I am babling again.
Haley has just got out of her bout with a bad injury to her hoof. She pulled 
quite a bit of heel off last fall on her left front. She has a crack coming 
out of her front right. We have been working hard on getting all this to 
grow out.
Well we have the crack coming together on the right and the left is gone 
with an exception of a place where it was a result of possible injury.
We have some arthritis setting in on the right. We are doing Natural Balance 
shoeing. Now I am not the greatest to describe all this and I am VERY NEW TO 
IT. I will keep you posted as to how she is doing with the New shoes. I have 
Ansata Barefooted. She has rocks for feet. She had a slight tiny bitty 
bruise from stepping on a bottle some time ago.
If you would like to Email my farrier he would be glad to exchange ideas and 
tips along with help educate folks as well.
No I am not promoting him I just really believe in the work he does.
feel more than free to email him at
Carla (no rides for a while=o( )
Ansata (ohhh barefooten.....)
Rob (those are pretty flashy!)
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