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Nehalems Muhuli #254200
1982 - 2000

15.1 hands
66.37% Crabbet Blood
(ECAHS Verified)
4/22(6-4-4)1-2 Race Record
1985 WAHRA Derby Winner

FEE: $1500 (LFG)

This magnificent, athletic CMK stallion had a strong race career with a race record of 4/22(6-4-4)1-2. He is now siring top race horses including , Stakes winner, Vals Starburst, '91 Darley Top Five Horse of The Year, with the incredible race record of 8/86(24-22-10-23)11-9. With 86% of his get being winners and 57% being Stakes winners shows that he passes on his athletic ability and speed. Nehalems Muhuli get have also proven themselves in the show ring, such as Sadie M - 1997 winner of Gold at the CAHAO show and DC Muhulio showing in open and 4-H and always winning or in the ribbons.

Top GetNominations Semen Transport
Vals Starburst
Muhulis Revenge
Freds Bad Boy
Vals BL Striker
Precious Morsel
Vals Fire Hawk
ARC,Quadra Crown No

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