1999 marked the 20th Anniversary for SWIT&DR. The club was formed in February 1979 by a few local riders, including Nan Brubaker, Arlene Morris, Marge Moyle, Jill Baumhoff (Nebeker), Lurina Dancer (Egusquiza), Byron Meredith, and Bob Morris.

The first meeting was held at the American Legion Hall in Meridian on February 16, 1979. The club was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in October of the same year.

To generate interest in the new club, founding members placed meeting notices in tack shops and feed stores and sent public service announcements to local newspapers and regional radio and television stations. The original sign-up sheet had 50 names of people committed to riding on trails. Most meetings included educational programs. The "Old Selam Endurance Ride and Ride & Tie," managed by Byron Merideth, was one of the club's first projects in 1979.

The six purposes of the club, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation were:

1. To promote an exchange of ideas and experiences between endurance and trail riders.

2. To promote effective communication between endurance and trail riders of this region with other endurance and trail riding groups.

3. To promote effective communication between endurance and trail riders with agencies, organizations, both governmental and private, which have an impact on endurance and trail riding activities.

4. To elevate the status of endurance and trail riders, to promote, improve and protect the sport of endurance and trail riding, including its public image.

5. To promote and develop solutions to problems experienced by endurance and trail riders.

6. To promote education of endurance and trail riders to the mutual benefit of horses, riders and the public.