The first Helping Hand Award expired in 2019. The award, donated by Alexia Haller, honored long-time SWIT&DR member Rae Ann Larsen, who passed away in 2013.  The award honored “someone who was always offering a helping hand to other riders.”  Here are the people who won Montana silversmith belt buckles for their good deeds.  In 2021 we began a new Helping Hand Award in honor of Neil Roberts, who passed away in 2017.  Neil was a staple in the vet checks at SWIT & DR rides. He always had a smile and a big hello for riders entering the vet checks.  He spent many hours doing P&R for local endurance rides, along with countless hours spent helping mark trails.  Neil Roberts was a loyal member of SWIT & DR since the 80’s and became a devoted pit crew for his wife Carolyn long after he no longer rode in endurance.

2013- Randy Peppersack

2014- Bruce and Nance Worman

2015- Cini Baumhoff

2016 – Pam Haynes

2017- Neil Roberts

2018 - Kalli Worth

2019 -Lauren and Steven Coziah

2022- Cat Cook

2023 - Craig Tarbet


Please send nominations for the 2024 Helping Hand award to Karen Steenhof ( to honor the individual who provides help to riders during the 2023 ride season.