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100 Mile Championship
Official Starting List

50 Mile Championship
Startering List

Front Royal VA

50Mile Trail

 0Mi - Start
 9Mi - Pulse&Go
23Mi - 45 min
39Mi - 30 min
49Mi - 20 min

100 Mile Trail

 0Mi - Start
23Mi - 45 min
46Mi - 45 min
64Mi - 30 min
77Mi - 30 min
91Mi - 20 min

50Mile Map

50Mile Elevations

100 Mile Champions

 Jr - Joni Buttram          Cash Bonus
FWT - Sandra E. Conner      Elegant Pride
LWT - John Crandell III     Heraldic (BC)
MWT - Jeremy Olson          Berjo Smokey (High Vet)
HWT - Skip Kemerer          Ice Joy

100 Mile Results Overview

50 Mile Champions

 JR - Josie Whelan          Southern Rock
FWT - Ruth Ann Everett      Pretty Boy
LWT - Roxi Rivkind          FCF Kenya
MWT - Lori Shifflett        Dazed and Amazed
HWT - Michael Bailey        K-Zar Emmanuel (BC/High Vet)

50 Mile Results

Oct 19, 9pm EST. "There's a certain sense of giddy seriousness now. Stagg has gotten cleaned up and carrying notebooks of 'stuff'. He said he'd be calm for the BoD Meeting after riding to 100 the day/night before." more...

Oct 19, Tom Sites:. "Folks are staring to come into Base Camp and it seems to be a friendly and seasoned group. more...

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100 Mile Ride Status On-Line

100 Mile Detailed Results

Image Gallery

50 Mile Finish, Miscellaneous
(photos by Christine Drinnan)

50 Mile Vetgate 1
(photos by Christine Drinnan)

Trail Photos
(photos by Genie Stewart-Spears)

100 Mile Vet Gate 1 Photos

(photos by Christine Drinnan)

100 Mile Vet-In Photos

(photos by Christine Drinnan
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100Mile Map

100Mile Elevations

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