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In a message dated 03/31/2000 09:24:31 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< i am trying to convert my boyfriend to the advantages
 > of Arabians in long distance riding. he believes that
 > their legs are too thin and could easily twist and
 > injure them. he is looking at some appys who are very
 > big boned also want to show him how endurance horses are not
 > >exactly the same as show Arabs. if anyone has good shots
 > of their, or someone else's', horse please email me privately.
 > i want to show him there is an Arab type that he has not
 > >seen yet. >>

You might look at a Morgan-Arab cross. Most Morgans have terrific bone and 
substance, and are a great cross for taller Arabs. I have a half Running 
Quarter horse, half Arab. She is very beautiful with the best characteristics 
of both breeds. I ride and drive her. I have never endurance ridden her but 
she handles trail riding and driving distance very well. 

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