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“Julie Suhr leads us into the heart of the quote by the famous statesman, Sir Winston Churchill, who said ‘no hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.’
Read and enjoy!”

Donna Snyder-Smith
Equine Journalist, Author and Coach, 2001

“In her world, she is the Grande Dame . . . ”
Western States Trail Ride Participant Guide

“At age 63, she is one of the world’s best long distance horseback riders . . . ”
KPIX TV, San Francisco, 1987

“A woman with a relentlessly sunny disposition and a will of steel.”
Sports Illustrated, 1987

“Suhr has received a good share of admiration . . . ”
New York Times, 1990

“Julie Suhr is an inspiration to all endurance riders. Everyone of us said at one time or another— “I want to be like Julie when I’m 75.” This book about a remarkable woman and her horses is well worth reading.”
Becky Hart, 3-time World Endurance Champion, 2001

“Readers here share what they cannot buy—a principled, focused life
led to the fullest.”

Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM
AERC Past-President, Hall of Fame

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This engaging true story is not for horse lovers alone, but for all ages and all walks of life who have ever had dreams. It takes you on one woman’s journey from childhood to old age in a life of joy and passion. You will find her failures and her successes full of inspiration, motivation, laughter and tears.
"When we made our victory lap at the finish line, it was 3 o'clock in the morning of the next day. He was galloping and his white tail billowed out behind him. His eyes were bright and his slim neck arched. I buried my face in his silky mane and I was TEN FEET TALL, STILL."
The author never wavered in the ardor she felt for riding horses, and with delight she shares the experiences with her readers. Discovering the world of endurance riding in the 1960’s, the author has continued to compete into the new millennium. But she has also sought adventure on foreign soils and has viewed six continents from between the ears of the horses she loves so much.

With her husband, Bob, at her side, she has found adventure on the Siberian border, the Alaskan tundra, the outback of Australia and among the wild animals of Botswana. Together they have mingled with the  Masai of Kenya and the reindeer people of Outer Mongolia. They have left their tracks on the Pony Express Trail, the Bitterroot Mountains and along the Mexican border — all on the horses who have shaped her life — still.
Hardcover — Nonfiction — 264 pages — 6x9   ISBN: 0-9713772-0-0   USA  $24.95   Canada  $29.95

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