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Merri and Steph travelled to New Zealand to check out Endurance in Kiwi Land and to profile tw0 of the country's high profile Endurance events:


CopRice National Endurance & CTR Championships hosted by the Ruahine Club and held at Rangiwahia Domain over Easter weekend, 2007.

160km Results
100km Results

After HOY Steph flew on to Paris for the FEI World Forum on Endurance and Merri stayed down under for a tour of the South Island, and finally the CopRice New Zealand National Championship.

Here are some of Merri's photos and journal entries from her 5 week tour of Endurance New Zealand.

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Merri's Travel Stories & Photos

New Zealand Endurance - Conclusion

Casa Enduro Endurance Racing
||Photo Gallery||

New Zealand Nationals 100km
||Photo Gallery||

New Zealand Nationals 160km and 120km
||Photo Gallery||

Vet-in Day for Nationals
||Photo Gallery||

Pre Nationals
||Photo Gallery||
||Photo Gallery II||

Journey to the North Island
||Photo Gallery||

Holly Farms Stallions
||Photo Gallery - Imperial Maakir||
||Photo Gallery - Simeon Sapar||
||Photo Gallery - Zaddam||
||Photo Gallery - Pradaa||

Holly Farm
||Photo Gallery||

||Photo Gallery||

Breaking In One
||Photo Gallery||

Black Stallion Harmony
||Photo Gallery||

Beachin' It
||Photo Gallery||

Raven Rides Lord of the Rings Horse
||Photo Gallery||

Cozy Dell Arabians
Cozy Dell Arabians II
||Photo Gallery||

Mt. Horrible

Kishon Arabians
||Photo Gallery||

Epic Journey to the South Island
||Photo Gallery||

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