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§         Individual Qualification Criteria for Championships/ CEI**** rides

§         World Equestrian Games GER-Aachen 2006

§         Extract from FEI Press News 20/04, 15 July 2004

§         FEI Press News, 13 August 2004

§         Extract from FEI Press News 24/04, 1 September 2004

§         Extract from FEI Press News 26/04, 21 September 2004

§         CEIOJ** FRA-Pau, 23rd October 2004


§         Individual Qualification Criteria for Championships/ CEI**** rides


The criteria for the Individual Qualification to participate in any Championship or any other CEI**** ride, which will be submitted for approval by the chairman to the FEI Bureau Meeting, Buenos Aires (ARG), 15-16 November 2004, has been sent recently to the National Federations.

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§         World Equestrian Games GER-Aachen 2006


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§         Extract from FEI Press News 20/04, 15 July 2004

Muriel Faienza, FEI Communications /



On 25 and 26 June 2004 some eighty Veterinarians and Official Delegates from twenty five countries on six continents attended a Seminar at Newmarket, England.
Over 16 speakers gave presentations on a wide range of related subjects and many of the seminar attendees also visited the site of the Endurance Nations Cup which was held over the two days immediately following the seminar and course programme.

The main objectives of the seminar were:
- To provide high quality continued professional education to stimulate interest from a broad base of practicing equine veterinarians for Endurance and other "stamina" related equestrian disciplines.
- To provide the opportunity for experienced national and international Endurance Event veterinarians to interact with members of the research community to help define areas of clinical concern in order prioritise projects that require urgent investigation to benefit equine welfare as supported by the FEI Bureau and for which it has reserved funding.


- To provide an opportunity for veterinarians nominated by their NFs to complete the required FEI Event Veterinarian Course.
- To define the necessary qualifications required for the classification of Endurance Event & Treatment veterinarians as presented at the recent Bureau meeting (see FEI Bulletin 6/03).
Dr Frits Sluyter, Head of the FEI Veterinary Department and a speaker at the seminar, commented, 'A significant step forward in Endurance research and ultimately in the welfare of Endurance horses'

§         FEI Press News, 13 August 2004

Muriel Faienza, FEI Communications /


The FEI unveils today its new website

Over the last few years, the FEI website has become an essential tool in the FEI communication strategy, but also a central depository of official documents, rules and regulations and other reports prepared for the benefit of the National Federations, FEI officials and all those involved in the running of equestrian events.

The structure of the website was completely re-thought and simplified. A colour scheme by discipline, based on the FEI discipline pictograms, and straightforward menus also facilitate the navigation within the website which already includes no less than 300 pages.

The latest FEI internal developments, such as the FEI calendar database and a tool allowing extensive search through the results of the three Olympic disciplines, were integrated in the new website and more features will continue to be included in the coming months. Dedicated space has been reserved for the Technical Committees to inform the equestrian community on what is going on in their specific field of activity.


§         Extract from FEI Press News 24/04, 1 September 2004

Muriel Faienza, FEI Communications /



The Executive Board met on 23 August at the Olympic venue in Markopoulos, Athens. Among the various topics of discussions and decisions were the following:


- 2005 North America Seniors Endurance Championship
The Executive Board agreed to allocate the above Championship to Elton, Maryland (USA) to take place on 15 October.

2010 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG)
The Executive Board took note of the three candidatures for the 2010 WEG submitted by Kentucky (USA), Basse-Normandie (FRA) and Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Sharjah (UAE). The deadline for presenting the complete bids was confirmed for
15 October 2004.





§         Extract from FEI Press News 26/04, 21 September 2004 – “FEI Eventing committee meets with riders”

Ø      This could be a good idea for endurance riders!

Muriel Faienza, FEI Communications /


A meeting with the riders was organised on 10 September 2004 in Blenheim (GBR) and led by Wayne Roycroft, Chairman of the Eventing Committee, who had flown over from Australia especially for the occasion. Other representatives of the Eventing Committee were Mike Etherington Smith, and David O'Connor who had flown over from the USA.
There were approximately 75 riders in attendance, many of whom had been at Burghley the previous week-end. The meeting represented a good opportunity to discuss riders' concerns and consider the following issues:

1. The lessons to be learnt to improve communications between Technical Delegate, Ground Jury, Course Designer, and Rider Representatives
2. On-going works in the field of safety
3. Responsibilities of officials

The meeting was both productive and held in a positive atmosphere and the debate proved very useful. It was decided that ERA  (Eventing Riders Association) would be invited to meet with the FEI Eventing Committee at its next meeting in Pau in October 2004, after further consideration could be given to the points raised by all parties.

§         CEIOJ** FRA-Pau, 23rd October 2004


The association CEPP is pleased to inform you that we are organizing an

International two star Endurance Ride for Young Riders (CEIOJ**) on Saturday

23rd October 2004 in Pau.

 This ride will take place at the same time as the World Cup Eventing Final and the two-star International Event (CIC**), which are held between the 20th and the 24th October 2004 at the Domaine de Sers.  These two events are major attractions for horse enthusiasts. During the 5 days of the competition, Pau will welcome the top world-class riders and their horses.  We anticipate five days of breathtaking action during which the 25 000 spectators will be able to not only watch international riders competing, but also enjoy the restaurant facilities and shop at our exhibition village. The Domaine de Sers is ideally located and is easily accessible.  It offers wonderful stabling and facilities to accommodate every need of both the riders and their horses, not forgetting the press corps and the spectators.  A team of 300 volunteers will be on hand to welcome everyone and to ensure the event lives up to expectations.


Here are some technical details of the competition:

International Endurance ride for Young Riders (CEIOJ**):

§      A 120 kilometer  course through the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains

§      Cash prizes for the best 3 teams and the best 5 individual riders. Prizes for best physical condition, with an additional prize of a foal. Many other prizes for all the riders.

§      All the riders are invited to the ‘riders night’ on Saturday 23rd October

§      Free accommodation for the riders and their groom, from Friday to Sunday at the Hotel Management School of Morlaas.

§      Riders centre just 200 metres from the stables (permanent stabling with room to set up turn-out fields next to the stables)



§      Pau’s CEIO for Young Riders takes place 8 days before the three-star

§      International Endurance Ride (CEI***) 2x100km which takes place in Moncuq. We are situated only 300 km from Moncuq. Furthermore, we are able to provide stabling in Pau for any extra horses of foreign riders who are participating in both events.


Domaine de Sers:

§      3 international equestrian events

§      25 000 spectators

§      150 international journalists

§      300 volunteers

§      14 years experience in organizing such events

§      A superb exhibition village

§      Sales of horses suitable for Eventing and Endurance

§      Welcome night at Pau’s casino on Thursday 21st October

§      Rider’s night at the Domaine de Sers on Saturday 23rd October


Details of the competition:

§      A hotel reservation hotline is available (Tourisme Béarnais – 05 59 26 23 887)

§      Direct access by airplane, train and motorway from Europe and other countries

§      Pau is a wonderful city located within easy reach of the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees Mountains

§      Many interesting tourist destinations are located within a short distance


Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Yours sincerely,

Pascal Sayous, Cécile Totain

Competition Director, Technical director of the CEIOJ**


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