Internet Coverage

by Mike Maul

Internet coverage of the 1996 World Equestrian Games

in Manhattan, KS by Steph Teeter and Mike Maul

The following material was provided live over the internet

to the worldwide audience following the games. These

results were also e-mailed and faxed to others in the 

world endurance community by readers of the internet

postings.  It was an exciting time for all of us and

we(Steph and I) hope to cover it again from Ireland

in 1998.


Subject:      Kansas update

Latest news from the site of the WEG on Friday Sept. 20.

Mike Maul/Steph Teeter reporting for the Endurance Listserv

Today at 1 pm - its a cool day with clouds.  almost perfect

for the ride.  yesterday this time - it was raining hard and 

lots of wind.  The only difficulties for Sat are the possibility

of showers and somewhat slick conditions.  the equestrian

demonstrations today are rapidly turning the field into mud

from the water in the ground.  it is low 50s at night with 

a high of 75 in the day.

driving out from kansas city this morning - it was about 2 hours

on a straight highway gradually rising thru the rolling flint hills

that the ride will take place in.  the ride site is the start and 

finish of the competition - the rock springs 4H camp.  it's

a very nice site - with horse barns, corrals, a 600 person

auditorium, and cafeteria.  and as we quickly found out -

all the ammenities of home,,, cappucino(sp?), some gourmet items

like bagels|-) etc....   but you can't have everything.

the food in the cafeteria is straight out of highschool.

the praire is beautiful - you can see for miles from the tops

of the hills. the ride takes place almost all on private land.

i don't know what it looked like before the indians and buffalo

left - but if i had to guess - this would be it.

a quick trip thru the vendors area showed a lot of the ones we

know are here.  from the listserv - we have teddy lancaster

of running bear and roger rittenhouse(vmax heart monitors and 

more).  there is also a western theme arts and crafts show

on the grounds.

the competitors and their horses are all getting ready - the 

trot-outs for the team are this afternoon.  steph and i plan to

cover that later in the day.  it's neat seeing all the 

international competitors at the ride.  you hear all sorts of 

accents at the barn and the vendors stalls.  and we see the 

US team getting ready - people taking pictures - videos,

and everyone having a great time.  we are both seeing people 

from all over the US that we have not seen for a while.

the teams that brought their horses include the french, the swiss

(possibly), the canadians, and possibly italy.  brazil has

a leased horse from texas and some they brought. the 

australians and the chileans leased their horses from darolyn

butlers barn in houston - with the exception of brook sample

from australia(previous quilty winner) who is leasing from 

lari shea.

stay tuned for more as we upload it to the listserv and the web

page.  we are going to try to give the info as the riders 

leave each vet check during the ride.

our apologies for the webpage we had on the kansas ride linked

from the endurance page disappearing 2 days ago.  we had the ride 

route in map form, the list of horses(will be updated to be the final

this afternoon at 3 p), all the committes... and a technical

"glitch" at the homepage site caused it to vanish into the 

black hole of UNIX systems...  we hope to have the map back up


we do have the list of horses, riders, teams etc on it now

but it needs updating.

more as the ride time approaches.  apparently some of our european 

readers have set up fax and email feeds from our endurance 


Mike and Steph - your internet reporters...

ps - all typos and errors are the responsibility of your

2 fingered typist.


Subject:      news from the WEG trot out

bad news for the US team when chris kochs horse saxx did not show

up for the trot out. apparently the decision was made not to do

the trot out since he was off. apparently none of the US alternates

ar e able to replace him so the US will be short one of its best

team members.

as far as we could tell - all other horses from all the teams

were ok at the vet in.  the announcement said this was an extraordinary

situation and an example of the high quality of the entrantants.

rio - becky harts 3 time world champion - about 19 years old -

is competing for sweden.


Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 22:32:55 CDT

Subject: latest on the WEG as of fiday eve


Following is the latest list of the horses and riders for

the start.  we have been told there may be some changes

yet in the morning. the format below is rider number, horse

name, rider, country abbreviation - then team number.


as i mentioned earlier - US rider chris koch and saxx are out.

saxx showed up lame prior to the trot out and did not go to the

vet in. no alternates for the US were able to replace saxx in the

ride. the alternates at the ride were riders carrie miracle(SW) and

cleydea hastings(?)(NW). the reasons for this are complex and

i will wait for a US team reason before posting.


The ride will start at dawn - 7 AM here.  Everyone is getting ready

for the ride tonight and the early start.  at least it is not

the normal 4 AM start the US riders have.


more on the start in the morning.  we plan to give updates to

the listserv and the web page thru out the day. we had a very brief

shower go thru and a nice double rainbow afterwards but the sky is

clear now with a beautiful moon over looking the ride headquarters

and the stalled horses.


mike maul and steph teeter



Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 15:59:28 -0700 (PDT)

From: Stephanie Teeter 


Subject: protests


6:30 Kansas time. Still no final starting list.

Unnoficial word is that a team has filed a

protest regarding a leased horse and whether

they mus be bound to the lease. I'll get back tonight and

see if the list has been released yet - the

protest must be resolved first.






          ,+'^'+,         ,+'^'+,

Steph Teeter





Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 22:11:04 PDT

From: Pete LaBerge 


Subject: USA Team (Unofficial) for World Championship


This just in from a well-placed mole who is on-site in Kansas :

The (unofficial) USA Team for tomorrow's World ChampionshipEndurance Ride


Danielle Kanavy - Pieraz (Cash)

Shirley Delsart - KJ Destination (Dusty)

Marcia Smith - On A High (Elvis)

Steve Rojek - WS Peregrine (Hawk)


Three of these riders must finish for the team to be eligible to medal.

All other USA riders will ride as individuals.

Looking forward to Mike and Steph's net coverage tomorrow.

Go USA!!!!



Pete LaBerge


From: Bulte <100450.2125@CompuServe.COM>

To: "" 

Subject: Kansas


 Hi all,

>All the communications logistics have been worked out and Mike and I should

>be able to send regular status updates throughout

>the day on Saturday


Thank you steph, we are listening  to you in Europe all night long...

and forward faxes to Belgium and France


Pierre Bulte


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 96 08:16:43 CDT

Subject: the start of the weg


the start was on a beautiful day. the sun came up just at 7 am

as the group called out their starting numbers and prepared to

start.  it was a slow controlled start with teams usually leaving

as a group.


the night before had been cloudless - with the night skies above

the praire showing thousands of starsandthe milky way - something

we never get to see in the large cities.  the traffic to the ride

site started to build up at 5 am as crews and rides came to support

their teams.


there were a very large number of greys - sort of what you would

expect in a mostly arabian entry field.


there were several hundred people cheering on the start for

their teams.  a short time after the start - wecould see the

riders and horses crossing the near hills with the sun behind them.


the winners are expected to be in around 3:30 pm for a ride time

slightly less than the winning time of 9:41 including holds

from last septembers ride.


mike maul and steph teeter reporting


Subject: Vet Check 1

Date:         1996/09/21

the first pull of the day - at about 1 hour into the ride -

is number 43 on the hungarian team.  the rider and horse


aranka hornyeki - hungary - my trade secret

the first check is at 26 miles into the ride. and the first riders

may make it into this point by 1:45 to 2 hours.  this was a very

fast part of the ride in september but the conditions were better.

but then - this is the world competition...

mike maul and steph


Subject: commentary and all the info on vet check 1 now


While we have a break -i would like to add a little commentary.

also at the end - we have all the times for the first vetcheck



the pull at vet check 1 for brook sample and his horse caradeno - leased

from lari shai - is a tough one.  brook is a previous quilty winner

in australia - the US equivalent of either the old dominion or tevis.


i believe caradeno is one of laris better horses and brook is

certainly an excellent rider.  he would have been one of the

better prospects for a top ten placing.  if my memory is correct -

brook did well in the netherlands 2 years ago.


the day is bright and sunny.  not warm yet but with the prospect

ofhitting the mid to high 70s.  i don't have infoyet as to how the

rain of a few days ago is affecting things.


the listing of another web page covering the ride is from a local

elementry school here in junction city.  they have a search engine

for horses names etc...  also lots of "real audio" if your pc

can handle it.


we are having some troubles with my modem so the postings may

be coming from but it is still steph and mike


mike and steph



Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 11:35:37 -0500

Subject: times into check point 2

first horses into vet check 2 are 70 84 77 78 1 83 29 85 4 2 3 6

5 75 8 65 9 32


77 shirley 78 danielle 1 val kanavy 83 steve rojak of the US

85 unser of US - sorry if this seems US oriented but we know the

numbers better...


a correction on the expected time in for the winners.  the

ride time including holds for sept 95 was given to me as 9:41

for the winner.  that can't be correct so we think the time

is really the riding time. expected finish more like 7 pm local.


the holds are 30, 30, 40, 30, 20, 20 for a total of 170 minutes -

almost 3 hours.


we have one additional pull now #53 - ramegwa shandy with rider

sheik a.a. humedi


mike and steph


from steph who was at vet check 1 - it was an absolute zoo. for

the non english speaking - it means that there was a lot going

on and extremely busy.


the US team is looking very good and riding intelligently -


note that the last listing showed vcp1in and vcp1vg


in means they checked in and vg means they passed the pulse

and respiration.  vg is farther along than in.  the out times are below


1,TK Fire N Gold,Valerie Kanavy,US,16,,21.0000,VCP2in,11:16:00,9/21/96,6

2,Horla,Hugo Kerneur,FR,6,,21.0000,VCP2in,11:17:00,9/21/96,9


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 12:14:37 -0500

Subject: more pulls at vet check 2 and some background info

latest pulls are 87- dennis sommers(us), 15 parra(brazil), and 74

sheik maktoum(qatar)


some background info for the folks that cannot access the web page

is :

        km      miles   hold time


trot by 24.8  15.5

vc1     42.1    26.3    30      ave speed front 13 mph 21.7 kph

vc2     70.0    43.8    30      ave speed front 10 mph 16.0 kph

vc3     100.2   62.6    40

vc4     118.1   73.8    30

vc5     134.4   84.0    20

vc6     148.8   93.0    20


total   160.0   100.0   170


btw - we apologize to those that are going to get large digests

from the ride but - its a once in 2 years sort of thing...


steph is out at the checks with a cell phone calling in local

items of interest.  we are getting the listings from the local

amateur group that is handling the communications and giving

us floppies.


these is a tremendous amount of volunteer work going into this

and we all - world wide - need to give them a lot of credit for doing



mike and steph


Subject:      WEG update as of 1 pm saturday

following is the latest update as of 1250 saturday sept 21.

note the additional pulls of 

48,Gonzin,Luigi Mazzarella,IT,9,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,73

38,Voltano,Grabriela Forster,DE,7,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,77

previous pulls

11,Caradeno SO,Brook Sample,AU,1,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,78

15,Enm Jadwiga,Carolina Parra,BR,2,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,75

14,Faarytron,Eric Strauss,BR,2,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,76

43,My Trade Secret,Aranka


53,Ramegwa Shandy,Abdulrahman Al


74,Habad'h,H.H. Sh. Mohammed bin Rashid Al


87,Tony Baloney,Dennis Summers,US,16,,10.0000,Pulled,00:00:00,9/21/96,80

dennis summers was riding as an individual for the US so the team is

still going with 11 of 12 riding. 

the leaders seem to be shirley delsart(us), jacques david(france),

chris unser(us), marcie smith(us), marcial taverne(chile), and

val kanavy(us) with less than 30 seconds separating them.  

the horse that the rider from chile is riding(bashhari) is a leased

horse from the US alternates list(linda corry).

the remaining 4 top ten riders are 2 US and 2 france in the next

4-5 minutes.  the frontrunners are pretty well bunched up with

6 of the top 10 US and 3 french.

all four of the US team members are in the top 10 at this point.

3 of the french team are in the top 10 with the 4th french team

horse at 11.  

both the us and french teams seem to be riding together. if this

keeps up - it should be a tremendous finish.

mike and steph


Subject:      first riders into vet check 3

note in the pulls that rider 35 denmark - gint brint - mister

shadrack - was by rider option. we also have pulls on horses

26 chile r. cruzat and AK, and numbers 61/62 from sweden -

riders carlson and jonsson on rushcreek rawhide and fadwahs


the first horses are now into vet check 3 at 1:35 pm at 62.6

miles 100 km.  they are 

1 val kanavy US

84 marcie smith us

83  steve rojak us

77 shirley delsart us

4 benedicte atger france

78 danielle kanavy us

5  stephane fleury france

3 jacques david france

85 chrise unser us

the distance was 18.8 miles - 30.2 km in about 1:45

for an average speed of 10.7 mph - 17.3 kph.

this is about the speed of the second leg for the ride 

so the riders are keeping a consistent pace after a fast

first loop.

at this same 10 mph rate plus the holds - we may expect the

front runners in around 6:30 to 7 pm this eve.

its a very tight race.

mike and steph


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 15:36:56 -0500

Subject: weg info out of vet check 3 as of 2 pm


ride info as of 2 pm saturday sept 21


as the french and US teams leave vet check3 - the combined

times of the teams differs by only 2 minutes - with the US team

ahead at this point.  note that this is an artificial calculation

at this point where we take the 4 times - throw out the longest

time and add the 3 best.


below is the latest info at vet check3.  using this as an estimate

for the finishing times - i have around 7:15 pm for an estimated

finish with about 9:15 to 9:30 riding time compared to the 9:41

of the september 95 pre-ride.


we have a total of 15 pulls so far.  no idea of the distribution

of reasons.  number 12 albanet for australia derek armitage

was also pulled


mike and steph


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 16:13:08 -0500

Subject: weg info going out of vet check 4 at 4 pm


ride info as of 4pm sat september 21


the front runners are just now leaving vet check 4 with the

US team leading france by a little less than 4 minutes.


the pace was a little slower this leg as the heat of the day

builds and the 60-80 mile "i'm getting tired of this"

sets in...


the leading riders are


78 danielle kanavy us

1  val kanavy us

83 steve rojak us

5 stephane fleury fr

65 rubin sweden  - rio is doing very well...

77 shirley delsart us

84 marcie smith us

85 chrisie unser us

3  jacques david fr

4 benedicte atger   france

2 hugo kerneur fr


the top ten are still just a few minutes apart.


mike and steph



Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 17:14:04 -0500

Subject: latest WEG info as of 5 pm and vet check 5


4:45 - Crowds are starting to form at the finish line.

Apparently they were anticipating a 5:00 finish. They

were informed that it's going to be more like 7:00 -

now they're asking where the beer and wine tent is :)


Vetcheck 5 arrivals :

78 - Danielle Kanavy  US

20 - Barb Cameron  Canada

83 - Steve Rojek US

77 - Shirly Delsart   US

5 - Stephane Fleury  FR

4 - Benedicte Atger  FR

85 - Chrisie Unger  US

65 - Eva Rubin (R.O. Grand Sultan!)  Sweden

3 - Jacques David  FR

16 - Eliana de Rocha Leao BR

6  - alin possas - FR


5 more horses pulled:

21 - Canada, Christine Janzen, Ciara County

24 - Canada, Joan Spiker, Gallegher

30 - Chile, Jose Ignacio Urenda, Durango Kid

28 - Chile, Alvaro Llompart, Gandi

80 - US, Ona Lawrence, Dandy McCoy



Subject:      weg standings at 89 miles between vc 5 and vc 6

weg report as of 5:15 pm saturday september 21

here is the latest out of vetcheck 5 plus.  valerie and her daughter

have a substantial lead on the rest at this point and it may be hard

for the others to catch her.  we expect the last 7 mile leg to be

fast.  it is coming back in the way they went out - the finish

line is also the start line - and the pace on the out loop was fast.

it's starting to get cooler and everyone is picking up the pace in 

front.  rio is still holding out well for sweden with the french and US


dueling for the team gold.  at the out point of vc 5 - the US team

is leading by 11 minutes overall.

yours truely and steph are going to stop reporting soon and go watch 

the finish.  we will report the finish shortly after the first

group of riders comes in.  

at a gate  half way between vc5and vc6 - the order is 

1 val kanavy - us

78 danielle - us

3 jacques david - fr

4 b. atger - fr

65 ava rubin sweden - rio

83 steve rojak US

77 shirley delsart US

85 chrisie unser US

5 steph fleury fr

16 eliana da leao BR

2 hugo kerneur FR

mike and steph


Subject:      latest breaking WEG news

alright - guys and gals - its getting close to the finish time.

val and danielle kanavy just got into vet check 6 - 7 miles from

the finish a- t 6:03.  they have a 20 minute hold. 

steph and i are getting "antsy" - untranslatable american slang -

and want to head off for the finish line.

this is the last you will hear from us until sometime after the 

exciting finish.  we are guessing as whether there will be a race

to the finish between mother and daughter - or if they have time -

whether they will come across holding hands as they tried to do at

the recent race of champions...

stay tuned...

mike and steph


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 19:51:07 -0500

Subject: It's Danielle over Valerie by a nose for WEG


we just got back from the finish.  it was a race at the end

between danielle and her mother valerie.  the times were 7:22 pm

for a total ride time of about 12:22 minus 170 hold for 9:32.


vals horse spooked at the end and went wide but came back in

for a race at the finish.  both looked excellent at the finish.


jacques david for france was in third at 7:37 pm for a ride time

of 9:47.  he looked very good at the end.


the next horses 15-20 minutes back still include Rio for sweden,

the two french riders, steve rojack and more.


next ride summary to follow almost immediately.


it made for a great finish as they rode in down a long gentle

sweeping hill into the sunset at the finish line. there was a crowd of

about 1000 cheering them on to the finish.


mike and steph



Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 19:58:52 -

Subject: WEG fourth place is Savaq for Brazil - Da Rocha leao - 5th Rio !!


Savaq - with Eliana da rocha leao - for brazil is now in with a time

of 7:47 pm or a ride time of about 9:57  savaq is patti pizzos horse

from the new england region.


the great Rio came in 5th with a time of 7:56 pm or about 10:03

for sweden with eva rubin.


just great for a 3 time world champion of 19.  we can only hope

to do so well.....


mike and steph


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 20:19:26 -0500

Subject: the top ten are in at WEG


note that all these still need vet completition.


and the following have also come in -


2 hugo kerneur for france at 19:59:48 for 7 th

83 steve rojak for us at 20:07:01  for 8th

77 shirley delsart for us at 20:07:08  for 9th

76 melissa crain for us at 20:10:16  10th

4 benedicte atger for france at 20:17:19 for 11th


this is the top 10 - at least prior to vet out for completion


more soon,


mike and steph



Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 20:32:50 -0500

Subject: the Amercan team wins the Gold  - France Silver


assuming all the horses vet out OK at the end - the US team wins

the Team gold by 17 minutes over the French for the silver.


Congratulations to both teams for a super competition.


And now we look forward to .... Ireland in 1998.


see you there...


we don't have a clue as to who will get the bronze.


mike and steph


updates will come a little less frequently now but we will get


the info out.


Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 00:39:42 -0500

Subject: status 12:30


Winding down ... down ... down. Still 15 riders out, the last

few may not make the 18 hr cutoff time. Canadian rider #22,

Carol Steiner and #59, Daniel Garcia Escandell were pulled

at the finish.



Subject:      some reflections on the WEG at the end of the day

i had to leave early before the awards ceremony was over but

know steph stayed to post the BC results.  the group there 

had a great banquet this evening with michael murphy as the 

entertainment - with music like wildfire and some of the 

horse related music he has done

some clarifications - the ride was officially 19 hours - not

the 18 reported earlier.  why 19 rather than the normal 24

in the US you may ask...  at the ride meeting the leaders

of the teams were informed by the officials that this was a 

world class compeition and that horses that could not complete

in less than 19 hours should not be there.

in some senses this is not unreasonable - especially with conditions

so good that the winners had ride times of 9:32.  the officials were

also somewhat flexible in that several horses with times exceeding

the 19 hours(up to 12 minutes) were allowed completitions but not 

rankings.  this last little detail had some implications in determining

the winner of the bronze team metal - sweden vs switzerland. this was

the "unofficial " info i heard.

the awards were great - and the victory for the 3 individuals was

celebrated by a fast cantar aound the other horses in the presentaion

ring.  we had all the obligatory introductions of the local "brass"

down to the army group at ft. riley  but all in all - it was a wonderful 

celebration of what the sport is all about - there were the front runners

going all out to win - down to the riders coming in at 2 am with "

to finish is to win".

and what was nicest of all - there were still quite a number of people

out there at the finish line at 12 midnight to give each rider coming

in a cheer and applause.  this is worth thinking about - that each one

of us gets something different out of the sport - and gives it back

to others.  to see riders coming in at high 20s positions - and still

holding hands as they crossed the finish line together so that after all

that time together - they would be a "team" even though from different


it was a chance for many people to see friends in the sport - and to make 

new ones.  to see some of the greatest horses in the world compete in a sport

we all love - to  learn from crewing and volunteering for the top 

competitors in the world.

and for something to reflect upon as well - our horses.  they are 

athletes - the best in the world - and what we ask of them

takes a toll - sometimes a very large one. they give it to us because 

we ask - and they want to as well.  one of the competition horses -

a very good competitor - was doing well thru much of the race.

toward the end - the horse just appeared tired but all vet signs 

looked reasonable.  the horse was hand walked in the last 7 miles

and completed. nothing extraordinary seemed to be happening other

than being very tired.

the horse was later treated at the kansas state vet clinic and is in serious

condition. we all hope the best for the horses recovery.  my point here is 

that we should all do the best we can for our horses - and even then

things can happen.

mike maul signing off as your internet reporter at the 1996 WEG.